MegaTron, XS, MT

Quick Steps Other Media
Boiler Conductivity Calibration
Tower Conductivity Calibration
4-20 Input Programming
4-20 Input Calibration
4-20 Output Calibration
4-20 Output Notepad
XS 4-20 Output Calibration
Water Meter Totalizer Setup
SetPoint Setup
Pulse Timer Setup
MegaTron Relay Setup
Checking History
Calibration Setup
28Day Biocide Setup
Percent Timer Setup
Meg 4-20mA IN Relay Setup
Cell Router Static IP Network
Cell Router Telus Network
Cell Router (Teltonika)
Web Connectivity via Building Supplied Internet
Web Connectivity via Cellular ROUTER-3 Internet
WebAdv Connection Sheet
WebAdv Migration
WebAdv Create & Assign User to Controller
Echopod / MegaTron Setup
MegaTron XS - USB Functions
MegaTron XS - Option H Upgrade
MegaTron XS - Connecting with Option H & WiFi
MegaTron MT - Connecting with Option H & WiFi
MegaTron MT Enabling Dual Network Card
MegaTron MT / XS - ORP Set Point 2 Setup
Post Bleed Timer Setup
GF Pressure Setpoint Config
MegaTron XS NANO-ZIG Zigbee Setup


Quick Steps
MicroLinx Series L, M, N Setup
MicroTron Pump Setup
MicroTron Series G Setup
MicroTron Series O Setup


Quick Steps
General Trouble Shooting Guide
COR-TEST-MS5 Setup & Calibration


Quick Steps
Bypass Feeder Quick Start Guide
AFS Setup
Flow Retainer Replacement Instructions
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