Meet Our Staff

Customer Service

Jason Asbill Inside Sales Manager 918-686-6211
Alex Parris Customer Service / Sales 918-686-6211
Jeremy Garrett Customer Service / Sales 918-686-6211
Kyle Martin Customer Service / Sales 918-686-6211
Dason Morgan Customer Service / Sales 918-686-6211
JT Waller Customer Service / Sales 918-686-6211
William Byrd Customer Service / Sales 918-686-6211
Carolyn Doby Coordinator of International Sales 918-686-6211
Jesse Dubroc Sales Order Entry 918-686-6211
If you would like to ask a question, request product literature, or just make a suggestion, we want to hear from you. Call us at (918) 686-6211.

Support Staff hours are Monday-Friday 7:30 AM to 5:30 PM (Central Time).

Download our printable contact sheet with territory map. 735KB

U.S.A. / Canada Sales Contacts

Andy Stills Southern Regional Manager 918-781-9341
Jacob Potter Central Regional Sales Manager 918-686-6211
Kevin O'Keefe Mid-Atlantic Sales Manager 267-254-2552
Lee Elrich East Central Regional Manager 937-610-8654
Matt Fritz Southeast Sales Manager 918-816-1439
Maxwell Roder North Central Regional Manager
+ Oregon, Washington
Mike Moulder Mountain West Regional Sales Manager
+ Central Canada
Ned Morris Northeast Regional Sales Manager
+ Eastern Canada
Tom Fettik Western Regional Sales Manager 760-310-1579
Jon Shaw National Sales Manager 918-686-6211
Jake Smith Business Development Manager 918-686-6211

International Sales Contacts

Chris Morris Senior Vice President
International Sales Manager
+1 904-213-8818
Dave Venamore Waterdos Australasia +61 3 9701 5088
Dean Greenfield Advantage Controls (Europe) Ltd. +44 (0) 1299 406380
Vipul Mahuvakar India Representative +91 93 2226 3031
Louisa Lou China Representative +00 86 21 37031339


Dan Morris President / CEO 918-686-6211
Jeff O'Neal VP of Operations 918-686-6211
Greg Powell VP of Technology 918-686-6211
Melissa Tingel Purchasing Coordinator 918-686-6211
Melanie Grayson Accounting Manager 918-686-6211
Rebecca Thomas Assistant Accounting Manager 918-686-6211
Jennifer Hall Accounts Receivable 918-686-6211
Terry McKinney Team Resource Leader 918-686-6211
Sheila Gray Accounts Payable 918-686-6211
Aaron Kassaw MyTechReports Developer / R&D Manager 918-686-6211
Christopher Liebig System Administrator
Network Engineer
David Holden Marketing Administrator 918-686-6211

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